Tuesday, January 21, 2014

More Than I Can Chew

The second half of 2013 wasn't wonderful.  I was coming off the heels of the whole summer of go-go-go with the house renovation and moving in, and then, all of a sudden, I had very little I had to do.  As a result, I kind of toiled for a bit, trying to figure out what types of time-fillers would make me happy, challenged, and fulfilled.  The holidays were looming so I knew it wouldn't make sense to take on any big new activities with that wonky schedule on the horizon, so I did what any sensible person would do and made a whole bunch of plans that accidentally collided with each other in the early part of the new year.

Now that the holiday madness has died down and I can look at my schedule with a clearer perspective, I'm quickly reaching the conclusion that I may have bitten off more than I can chew for this first part of 2014.  I still have my regular job, but in order to test some new waters and earn a little extra money on the side, I've decided to become a lady of the night... class.  Haha, gotcha there, right?  Anyhow, I am going to be teaching SAT (and probably GRE?) prep classes.  My first "semester" starts this week and has me teaching or proctoring practice exams two days a week.  So, there's that.

But wait!  In addition to these classes (and their fairly labor-intensive prep), I also signed up to run the Pittsburgh half-marathon with my friend Molly.  It seemed like a wonderful idea back in November.  Now that I'm in week two of training and the temperature can be measured in single-digit degrees, I'm waffling.  Truthfully, if I wasn't signed up with a friend to do this, I'd probably scrap this time commitment.  But that's why you sign up for stuff like this with friends, right?  The extra accountability?  Onward with the training.

Last but certainly not least, Billy and I decided that our new house deserved a new personality, and we adopted ourselves a little bundle of joy/terror/everything in between, Oakley.

At this point, I'd definitely say he's more time than work.  I'd probably prefer it to be flip-flopped, but what can you do?  He's so darned affectionate it makes the time commitment pretty worthwhile.

So, that's a quick overview of what I voluntarily got myself into.  I keep telling myself that the prep for my classes will hopefully be labor-intensive only this one time around (that's what I'm told), and that the half-marathon training is only a few days a week and will be in my rearview mirror in just a few short months, and Oakley, well, he's going to be around for a long while, but allegedly we'll reach a point where he can be trusted to exist in a room without scratching/chewing/destroying the most expensive item in it.  Allegedly.  I just need to put my head down and get to the middle of May and then pat myself on the back and have a few milkshakes to celebrate being done with this insane stretch of time.



  1. Aw, I love pictures of Oakley with his big puppy paws! D'awww. Good luck on your class and training!

  2. Lots of new, but exciting things happening for you! You'll be great and keep posting pictures of adorable Oakley!

  3. I love pictures of Oakley! Good luck with everything int he next few months!

  4. Wow, you definitely have a lot on your plate right now, but I know you'll get through it! Oakley looks like the sweetest... I remember training our family pup (a yellow lab) many years ago. I promise it gets easier!!