Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Story of Oakley, Part 1

It feels a little bit wrong to dive into detailing how we ended up with Oakley when I still need to document the house renovations, but the fact of the matter is writing a little ditty about a quick dog adoption process is far less overwhelming than writing up a whole bunch of posts that need pictures to go with them and all that jazz.  So the puppy wins for today.

We've always known we'd be a dog family.  The apartment we lived between our wedding and July 2013 had a strict no pets policy.  Whenever a dog discussion would happen, we always pledged we'd get one as soon as we got a house.

Fast-forward to May 2013.  We have the keys to a house.  However, we agreed to hit the dog snooze button until we got the renovations completed.  So the dog was supposed to come around in the beginning of the fall.

Fast-forward to August 2013.  We decide that after working so hard on the house all summer we deserve a vacation.  We book our trip to Mexico for October and promise each other that we'll get a dog as soon as we're back on US soil.

Fast-forward to October 2013.  We return from vacation and realize that we have commitments for nearly every weekend between now and the end of the year.  It doesn't really make sense to us to bring a puppy into the mix during the holiday season, given the various travels and family functions we have on our calendar.  We didn't think it would be polite or fair to anyone if we said, "Hi!  We're here to stay for a few nights, as planned!  But we brought along our brand-new puppy!!!"  So, January 2014 was named, without a second of hesitation, to be dog go-time.  We anticipated finding the right dog at the right time might take a while, so I decided to start testing some waters in November.  We were aiming to get a black lab.  Purebred would be ideal but we were open to a mix dog if the stars aligned properly.  We wanted a "mature puppy," if such a thing exists, so we had our hearts set on a dog around 16 weeks of age.

We had our timeline.  We had our parameters.  Now we just needed our dog.

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  1. We expected to be on a waiting list for a dog for at least a year, but we got Charlie less than a month after moving into our house. It was a little overwhelming, but so worth it!